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Joseph H. Weingart Center for Counseling                      COMING SOON


The NECD, Inc. Outpatient Services are provided at the Joseph H. Weingart Center.  We provide Outpatient counseling services that address a variety of issues including Substance Abuse and Mental Health concerns.  We also provide psychiatric services provided by our on staff psychiatrist which includes medication education and prescriptions and medication reviews to assure that you are on the right medication for you.  All Outpatient counseling services are provided in ASL.

Our services, at the Joseph H. Weingart Center include individual counseling, family counseling and a variety of group options that will educate and assist you in learning how to live with your addiction or mental health issue and be successful and happy.

We also are available to meet with your family to assist them in understanding what you are experiencing as a Deaf individual or for couples counseling. 

We accept Medicaid insurance and for those clients with no insurance, we can charge our clients on a sliding fee scale which is an amount that we determine for you based on your income.  We want to assure that all of our services are accessible and affordable for everyone who needs them.  Do not let your inability to pay for our services keep you from talking to us.  We will work with everyone who comes to our agency.


Group Options

Anger Management

Substance Abuse Education

Life Skills

Relapse Prevention

Men's Therapy Group

Women's Therapy Group

Deaf AA/NA group                                                   


Individual Options

1 on 1 individual counseling

Medication services


Family Options

Family Support Groups  

Couples Counseling                                                                                                                                      Joseph Weingart

Family Counseling

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