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Community Center                                                                       COMING SOON

We understand that it is sometimes nice to have a quiet place away from the stresses of life to relax and have fun.  We also know how important a sense of community is for everyone and we have strived to provide a place that is comfortable and welcoming for the Deaf community. 


The NECD, Inc. Community Center is one our most exciting and important services.  We will provide a safe, substance-free, welcoming and friendly place for you to relax, watch TV, read, play games and meet new friends in an informal environment.  We will also have more formal agency sponsored events such as cook outs, athletic activities, field trips, etc. This club is open to all Deaf individuals and their families.  You don’t need to be a client of NECD, Inc.  We do have rules that must be followed in order to maintain a safe and respectful environment. 

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