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Vocational Services                                                               COMING SOON

Having a job is a regular part of life.  It is necessary in order to make money to pay your bills and it no less important as a means to make you feel good about yourself and making a contribution to your community.  It is hard enough to find a job if you are hearing, but as Deaf individual, it is often a challenge that seems insurmountable.  Our Vocational Specialists will be there for you.  They will work with you to learn how to search for an appropriate position, how to fill out job applications, approach a prospective employer and how to perform during an interview.  They are also in the community constantly making contact with companies who might be potential employers and working to eliminate the stigma and fear that hearing people often have of the Deaf and hard of hearing. 


We will also be there for you as a job coach and we’ll check in with you and your employer on a regular basis to assure that things are going well.  As you progress and need us less, we will step back but we will always remain in the background should you need additional support. 


We will teach you:

How to look for a job

How to determine if the job is appropriate for you

How to contact the prospective employer

How to complete an application

How to follow up on your application

How to interview for a job

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